Look at Poyang Lake Water Conservancy Project with a systematic thinking

Look at Poyang Lake Water Conservancy Project with a systematic thinking

On May 16th, the public participation of the public participation of the public participation of the Poyang Lake Water Conservancy Hub’s engineering environment in Jiangxi Province was released by the Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government. Experts and scholars inside and outside the province have enthusiastically and suggestions from different dimensions, reflecting the attention of this project and high responsibility for history, ecology, and society.

This article attempts to analyze and analyze from the five major thinking thinking and share individuals’ views on the construction of this project.

Adhere to strategic thinking and comprehensively understand the background significance of this project.

In recent years, with the completion of controlling projects such as the Three Gorges Dam on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the relationship between the rivers and lakes of the Yangtze River and Poyang Lake has changed significantly. Frequent and normalized, the water resources and water environment have insufficient capacity, the contradiction is increasingly prominent, seriously affects the demand for water use of residents, seriously affects the ecology and people’s livelihood of the Poyang Lake, seriously affects the economic and social development around the lake, and the increasingly beautiful life of the people is Demand formation has a huge structural contradiction at both ends of supply and demand. In the future, the changes in hydrological situation in the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River will be existed for a long time, and changes in the relationship between rivers and lakes will further intensify, and the ecological function of Poyang Lake will face a more complicated and severe test. People’s livelihood is the biggest well -being, related to the vital interests of the masses and the harmony and stability of society, and also affects the long -term security of the country.

If you want to develop steadily in the economy and society, you must improve people’s livelihood.

Water resources in Poyang Lake District are an important guarantee for the economy and society. The lake area uses the total amount of water resources in the Poyang Lake Basin in the lake area, which carries the total population of Jiangxi Province, the%cultivated area,%of the grain output, and the regional production of the region. Total output value. Building the Poyang Lake Water Conservancy Project. From the perspective of strategic height and global, the merits in the contemporary and prosperity will help alleviate the above -mentioned outstanding contradictions, promote the virtuous cycle of the ecological environment, promote further economic and social development, and help meet the living standards of the people. Enhancement needs.

This project is positioned as "a century -old project", which can systematically manage the current status of the dirty water position in Poyang Lake in autumn and winter, continue to accelerate the governance and repair of ecological environment, and effectively drive economic and social development. After years of repeated demonstrations, the construction of Poyang Lake Water Conservancy Hub has been imminent.

Adhere to innovative thinking and deeply grasp the construction concept of this project. Based on the new era, adhere to and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics. Every time we face new problems, the exploration and innovation of new problems is actually "crossing the river with the stones". Without any past experience, we can learn from it. Now that we face problems, we must solve the contradictions encountered in development, crack development problems, and have no innovative practice under innovative thinking guidance. This requires us to have a way of thinking about breaking superstition, transcending outdated rules, and good at adapting, knowing difficulties, and pioneering and innovative methods. Therefore, we must break through the limitations of existing experience, break the routine, and find the way to surpass the ideological activities on the basis of previous theory and practice. The basic concept of the construction of Poyang Lake Water Conservancy Hub is: no dams to build gates; not to control flood control; stop water without power generation; construction management does not dispatch; rivers and lakes, dynamic regulation. That is, from April to August each year, the gate is full, and the rivers and lakes are connected; from September to March of the following year, it is the engineering regulatory period. The water level of the lake area is regulated through the gate to regulate the water level of the lake area to achieve the use of flood resources at the end of the flood. A series of water safety issues caused by fast water levels.

This concept is not only the innovation in the past thinking of the past, but also the improvement of past practice exploration. It can effectively solve the current problems, but also balance the concerns of the stakeholders. Adhere to dialectical thinking and comprehensively weigh the defeat of this project. Contradictions are common. We must recognize contradictions, analyze contradictions, resolve contradictions, and we must also be good at grasping the inherent laws of conflicts, finding key points, and insight into the development of things. The Poyang Lake Water Conservancy Project, as a big "century project" or even "millennium project", is the same as other major projects. Carefully analyze the relationship between the overall and local, main contradictions and secondary contradictions, short -term demand and long -term interests, and weigh the defeat of the entire project.

According to the draft for comments, the functional positioning, the Poyang Lake Water Conservancy Hub is a water conservancy project based on the principle of ecological water literature.

After many optimization adjustments, according to the wetland ecology, aquatic ecology, water environment, and water levels of irrigation, water supply, shipping, etc., the scheduling scheduling schemes are implemented, which has both the advantages and disadvantages of ecological environmental protection in the lake area.

In the short term, engineering construction will occupy some wetlands, bringing certain biomass losses.

The effects of wastewater, waste gas, noise, etc. will be produced.

In the long run, according to estimates, the advantages are mainly manifested in: after the construction and operation of the project, the trend of hydrological law in the lake district will be effectively alleviated by adjusting the relationship between rivers and lakes and lakes. The water level and water volume of the lake of the month basically returned to the level before 2003. The water bearing capacity of the lake area has increased. Among them, the water quality of the surface of the lake area in the lake area has improved, and the groundwater level in the strong water area of ??the lake is restored. After the recovery of hydrological law, the problem of excessive water retreat from the lake area from September to November. The exposure of the beach wetland from September to November is close to the average level before 2003, which is conducive to the growth and development of Poyang Lake wetland vegetation. The area of ??overwintering migratory birds in the lake area in the lake area will be increased in the field of flat and dry years, and the effective use time of migratory birds on habitats will be extended. In addition, the project brings obvious social and economic value of water supply, irrigation, shipping, fishery, and employment, and in general, it is clear that the profit is far greater than the disadvantages.

Adhere to the thinking of the rule of law and scientifically plan the process of promoting this project. Governing the country according to law is an important strategic measure to comprehensively build a socialist modern country in the new era. Promoting the work with the rule of law is the inherent requirements that ensure the legitimate procedure.

We must build projects, promote development, resolve contradictions, maintain stability, and strive to promote the formation of a good environment for the rule of law in accordance with the law, finding the law, solving the problem of problems, and resolving contradictions, and promoting various tasks on the track of the rule of law. It is understood that the Poyang Lake Water Conservancy Project is a major project included in the "Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone Plan" and the "Comprehensive Plan of the Yangtze River Basin" approved by the State Council. It is a comprehensive backbone project of the Poyang Lake’s dry water safety problem. The project began to study in 2009. After 13 years, the relevant ministries and commissions of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Water Resources, and other relevant ministries and commissions organized experts from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Chinese Academy of Sciences to conduct preliminary demonstrations on more than ten topics. Earlier, it has also been soliciting opinions and suggestions on relevant parties in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Next, with the advancement of the project, legislation will also be strengthened, the system design will be improved, and the effective protection and management of Poyang Lake wetland ecology, birds, aquatic animals, etc. will be done well. The existing protection areas are scientifically integrated through legislation and a unified management agency is established. Coordinate lake management and form a new mechanism for collaborative protection with hub engineering. Adhere to the bottom line of thinking and effectively avoid the potential risks of this project. If the Poyang Lake Water Conservancy Project really benefits the people, it is necessary to carefully calculate the risks. It is estimated that the worst situation that may occur and prevent and resolve potential outstanding contradictions.

We must adhere to the principles of seeking truth from facts, respect the laws of nature, respect the laws of human society, formulate a scientific and reasonable construction plan, make various emergency plans, adhere to the implementation of details, step by step, not rush to advance, do not make simplification, one -size -fits -all. According to the draft of the solicitation, before the construction of this project, it has been carried out for a long, multi -round, and large -scale demonstration and judgment before the construction of this project.

Jiangxi Province has repeatedly organized domestic authoritative academicians and scientific research institutions to conduct detailed planning comparison from both aspects of engineering measures and non -engineering measures. For social concerns, adhering to the new concepts and thinking and thinking of "two benefits of rivers and lakes", "all -in -one", "regulating non -flood control", in -depth research, scientific demonstration, and acceptance of opinions, and optimizing adjustment of engineering positioning and functions.

A scheduling scheme that reflects the changes in Fengping’s durable aging changes is formulated. Environmental protection, effectively benefit the people of the lake district. Generally speaking, the construction of the Poyang Lake Water Conservancy Project is scientific and reasonable, respects the laws, conforms to public opinion, and is greater than the disadvantages. We need to further unify our thinking, condense wisdom, converge strength in the next work, and further resonate with frequency, further resonance, further resonance, and resonance, and resonance, and resonance, and resonance, and resonance, and resonance, and frequent resonance, and resonance, and resonance, and resonance, and resonance in the same frequency, resonance, and resonance, and resonance, and frequent resonance, and resonance, and resonance, and resonance of frequent resonance, Answer the same questions together and travel together to do good things, do the truth of the truth, and let this "century -old project" continuously benefit from the descendants.

(Zhang Fucheng, School of Modern Economic Management of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics) (Responsible editor: Yang Xi, Chu Zirui) Share let more people see it.

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