Tianjin introduced 18 projects for civilian capital concentrated

Tianjin introduced 18 projects for civilian capital concentrated

Original title: In the city’s concentrated promotion of private capital, 18 projects have learned from the Municipal Development and Reform Commission. Recently, Tianjin has organized 18 projects with total investment of 100 million yuan in infrastructure, ecological and environmental protection, and social undertakings. Further optimize the city’s investment structure, attract more civil capital and financial institutions to participate in the construction.

  It is understood that there are 4 infrastructure field projects in this centralized promotion, including the first phase of infrastructure construction projects of Beichen Jingjin Pharmaceutical Valley, the Tianjin section project of the Tongwu Gallery City (suburban) railway, Jizhou District Renewal Water Plant Construction Project, Thistle Water transmission and distribution project in the state area. Among them, the first phase of the Beichen Jingjin Pharmaceutical Valley infrastructure construction project with a total investment of 12.8 billion yuan will build high standards to build a high standard. Demonstration of industry and urban deep integration.

The construction project of the Renewal Water Plant in Jizhou District will build a renewable water plant, with a scale of 50,000 tons/day, and laid the pipe network kilometers. A total of 5 projects in the field of cultural tourism, including Daxingyu and Xiaolong picking Chinese medicine health base projects, Xijingyu Scenic Area project, Xiguoyuan Tourism Village Project, B1 Line Cultural Street Station Metro Light Project, B1 Line Station North Road Station Metro project.

Among them, Daxingyu and Xiaolong picking the Chinese Medicine Health Base Project will build 110 acres of traditional Chinese medicine planting experience parks to enhance 7 sets of functional areas, and 50,000 square meters of irrigation systems, medicinal restaurants, Chinese medicine museums, traditional Chinese medicine shops, cultivation research and development centers, yoga yoga, yoga, yoga, yoga The museum, the courtyard of Kangyang, etc., intended to use private capital holdings to introduce 56.49 million yuan in investment.

The Xijingyu Scenic Area project will conduct infrastructure promotion, format layout, and scenic area construction of the core village of Xijingyu, Houmi Village, Taoyuan Village, etc. A total of 5 projects in the field of agriculture and ecology, including the construction project of Donghu Xingnong Hu Zhangzhuang Rural Revitalization Demonstration Zone, the Creative Ecological Park Project of the Green Ecological Barrier Zone in Dongli District, and the East of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei Green Ecological Barrier Belt Pumping station expansion project, Tianjin Peking University port wetland ecological restoration and water environmental governance (construction) project, Ninghe District Yuelong Town rural revitalization project.

Among them, Tianjin Peking University’s Wetland Wetland Ecological Repair and Water Environmental Governance (Nature Reserve Construction) project intends to adopt PPP models to introduce private capital investment 100 million yuan. The field of business services includes three projects: Binjiang International Hotel, Binjiang Shopping Center, and Binjiang Commercial Building. Total to introduce private capital investment exceeding 1 billion yuan. The sports field project is a new Baoxu District Stadium Complex project, and it is planned to introduce private capital investment of 600 million yuan.

  According to Li Yan, director of the Investment Division of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the projects that are introduced this time are in line with national industrial policies. The preliminary work has a certain foundation and the investment return mechanism is clear.

In order to further stimulate the vitality of private capital and continuously expand investment space, our city has established a long -term mechanism for private capital promotion projects, relying on the promotion project publicity platform, and release the list of promotion projects. Implementation units dock participating in the construction of our city. (Reporter Chen Yan) (Responsible editor: Zhang Jingqi, Cui Xinyao) Share more people see it.

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