Million yuan in cultural tourism consumption coupons is more cost -effective

Million yuan in cultural tourism consumption coupons is more cost -effective

At 12 o’clock on the 3rd, Fuzhou issued a cultural tourism consumer coupon worth more than one million yuan, which stimulated the crowd’s coupon boom. The three -faced cultural tourism consumer cash vouchers were robbed just in seconds as soon as they were "debut" on the UnionPay Cloud Flash Pay App, and they were all received within 25 seconds.

The Municipal Cultural Tourism Bureau reminded that the validity period of Cultural Tourism Consumption Cash Conditions until the 10th of this month. UnionPay data shows that "over 100 yuan minus 50 yuan" cash vouchers were snatched in 5 seconds, and the cash voucher of "less than 60 yuan" cash vouchers were empty within 18 seconds, and "10 yuan without threshold" cash coupon within 25 seconds Get up. The scene of the coupon is hot, and the consumption scene is also very hot. On the afternoon of the 3rd, the reporter saw in the historical and cultural district of Sanfang Qixiang, Daming Road Food Street, Dongbai Commercial District and other places that many tourists used cash coupons to consume.

Among them, the use of "over 60 yuan to minus 30 yuan" has the highest use of face value cash coupons.

"It is too cost -effective to minimize 30 yuan, which is equivalent to folding a pair!" Ms. Zhang said that she used a specialty store in the historical and cultural district of Sanfang Qixiang to buy a lot of Fuzhou special products for relatives and friends Essence

Mr. Zheng, a citizen, grabbed two cash vouchers in one breath, and took the family to the Dongbai commercial district for consumption. "A lot of cash vouchers cover a lot of merchants. Many Internet celebrities, milk tea shops, and dessert shops in Dongbai Business District can be used, and it can also be used in discounts with merchants, which is affordable and practical." He said. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Cultural and Tourism Bureau, the use of cash vouchers covers over 3,500 merchants, involving all aspects of eating, housing, traveling, traveling, shopping, entertainment, including historical and cultural districts, scenic spots, hotels, homestays, restaurants, and restaurants, and restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, and restaurants, and restaurants. Cafe, cinema, bookstores, KTV, gas stations and other places can be used as long as the conditions can be used.

Cash vouchers are valid for 7 days and are abolished after the deadline.

Citizens can log in to the UnionPay Cloud Flash Pay App, visit the "Blessing State · Consumer Consumption Voucher" activity page, and enter the "event available merchant" page to view all the list of merchants supporting this event. Enter the scenic area or merchant name in the search bar, and you can also accurately view the applicable merchants and addresses. In addition, Fuzhou City also launched the "Cultural Tourism Welfare Daily" event. The UnionPay Cloud Flash Pay platform "Blessing State · Cultural Tourism Consumer Voucher" page will launch various types of cultural tourism consumption coupons every day.

Citizen travel during the Dragon Boat Festival, you may wish to view the "Blessing State · Consumer Consumption Voucher" page first and check the money -saving strategy.

The reporter learned that during the summer of July, Fuzhou will continue to send a cultural tourism consumer coupon, of which cash vouchers have "10 yuan without threshold", "30 yuan to settle 30 yuan", "set up 50 yuan to minus 50 yuan", three types of face value. The quantity is limited, first come first served.

(Reporter Ma Liqing).

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