"New City Construction" releases urban development potential exploration road smart city

"New City Construction" releases urban development potential exploration road smart city

  The city provides the broadest application scenario and innovative space for new generation information technology for 5G, large data, cloud computing, block chain, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things.

Urban construction is followed by the steps of rapid development of information technology, and the new city construction is based on digital, networked, intelligent new urban infrastructure construction. It helps to improve the modernization and operational efficiency of urban construction, transform urban development mode, and pull effective Investment and consumption, constantly meet the people ‘s yearning for a beautiful city.

  The "New Breaking" is an important position to understand the construction of the new city. It needs to understand what is "new infrastructure".

"New Infrastructure" refers to the construction of new infrastructure, including 5G base station construction, special high voltage, intercity high-speed railway and urban rail transit, new energy vehicle charging pile, big data center, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet seven fields, "new Infrastructure is becoming an important starting hand promoted in my country’s economic development.

  my country has entered the middle and late urbanization of urbanization, urban development is converted from large-scale incremental construction to stocks and incremental structural adjustments, from "Is there" steering "good". The supply of urban infrastructure and public service facilities needs to be improved.

In many cities, there is still time, there is still time, travel is difficult, parking is difficult to trouble people, the old community’s residents look forward to having a more comfortable and convenient living environment … Digital, networked, intelligent construction and update transformation of urban infrastructure New urban construction is also an important way to promote urban high quality development. In August last year, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development will issue guidance from 6 departments with the Central News Network Office. In 2020, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in Chongqing, Taiyuan, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Fuzhou, Jinan, Qingdao, Jining, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Chengdu, Guiyang 16 cities in 16 cities, 2021 Newly added Tianjin Binhai New Area, Yantai, Wenzhou, Changsha, Changde, etc. pilot city (district). At the same time, a series of special pilots such as the construction of the city information model (CIM), intelligent municipal, intelligent construction are also launched.

  New City builds a city security, community construction, municipal service and other people’s livelihood, helping to improve urban governance, so that the people live more convenient and safer in urban life.

  How to build a road smart city smart city? Basic data and platform are undoubtedly important. In the new city construction pilot city, the CIM foundation platform has been put into trial operation.

The relevant person in charge of Shenzhen "New City Construction" pilot office told reporters that Shenzhen’s CIM foundation platform has built a three-dimensional time-space reference system of my country’s first sea and land, and lays the status of the sea and land space in China. The foundation. The person in charge introduces that the CIM platform is the base, relying on the Municipal Government Management Service Command Center, builds "a network of communication, one network unparallence, one network co-intelligence" intelligent central, currently built 14 visualizations such as economic operation, government service, ecological environment. Analyze the topic, access 99 systems in the city, initially establish urban monitoring index system and data analysis model.

For example, in the Futian District, the platform enables gas service management visualization, clear and dynamically grasping the underground gas pipe network routing, concealed engineering, pipeline occupation, etc., effectively enhance the efficiency of public emergency treatment. Currently, the smart car wave is in the like. With the digital base of the CIM platform, collaborative development of smart cities and intelligent networks, and create a smart travel platform "Car City Network" has also had important foundation.

Suzhou Xiangcheng District launched the construction of the national 5G new infrastructure car network project, promoted unmanned rental, unmanned bus, unmanned sanitation, unmanned logistics, wisdom parking, a total of five major categories of smart parking, building a high-level intelligent network test Road kilometers, unmanned bus lines reached km.

  The reporter learned that all localities will actively explore the construction of "Car City Network" platform, and further digitize urban road facilities, municipal facilities, communications facilities, perceptual facilities, vehicles, etc., and access to the unified platform for management, and achieve comprehensive perception and car city interconnection. .

In line with the construction technology guidance of the carcheng network platform, it will also be an important development direction.

  Upgrading and intelligent management of municipal infrastructure such as water supply, heating, gas supply is also a key task for the construction of new urban construction. "Going to my city", this is a ridicule that netizens helpless when the city is in the rainy season. Urban treatment often involves a number of units such as housing construction, water conservancy, urban management.

Today, relying on digital means, drainage and flood protection can change "each as the world" is "coordinated dispatch", "a picture operation" is being effective. Chen Yongfeng, deputy director of Fuzhou City Water System Interpulsion Center, introduced that Fuzhou City uses large data, Internet of Things, cloud computing, etc. , Network factory river integration management mechanism, co-ordination responsible for urban water system management and dispatching command, realizing flood control, drainage, water supply, sewage treatment, centering center Chen Yongfeng said that Fuzhou implemented the water system in the past four years, the urban area has lived on 12 typhoons and 289 short-term heavy rainfall tests, and the water supply and flood emergency response efficiency has increased by 50%, and the warechao River has improved 30. % Or more, preliminary realization of light rain, no accumulation, heavy rain does not accumulate, the situation in the city will be effectively improved.

  Realizing community intelligent management is another key task for new urban construction.

Today, 1500 residents in Guiyuan Community in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province have lived in wisdom.

High-pressure water pumps, fire hydrants, distribution boxes, gas, etc. in the community have installed a perceived equipment, and once the operation is abnormal, it can be warned in time.

The cell has set the smart garbage box, recorded garbage label, number of times, weight, classification, etc. For points inquiry and exchange, the residents who throw garbage, the platform is pushed to the parties and staff. Relying on the digitization platform of the community, you can enjoy more than 50 wisdom services that make up the car wash and remote choice.

The community also opened the first 5G community cloud clinic room in Jiaxing City, and residents can explore drugs remotely at home. Many Lei, Director of the Real Estate Market Regulatory Service (Property Management Office), Jiaxing City Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, currently have 20 community access system platforms, and gradually enrich the number of scenes. At the end of the year, there will be more than 33 "first test" property communities access to the smart community (property) integrated platform.

  In addition, promote intelligent construction and construction industrialization synergy, build the Internet, develop intelligent construction new industries, and promote urban management service platform construction, improve urban scientific, refined, intelligent management level, promote urban management " "Is the key task of the new city construction.

  The new opportunities bring new opportunities to promote the implementation of the new city construction project, can drive the development of the upper and downstream industrial chain, expand the consumption of residential community, increase effective investment, add new kinetic energy to economic development.

  According to preliminary statistics, since August last year, Suzhou completed approximately 5 billion yuan in the intelligent municipal, smart community, "Car City Network". Shenzhen completed 81 new construction projects, with approximately 2.6 billion yuan. Guangzhou has completed and investing in the new city construction project of 32 billion yuan. The development of new urban construction is inseparable from the depth participation of enterprises. Based on the vast development space, more companies will find development opportunities.

In the process of promoting the construction of smart communities, Jiaxing City Investment Development Group Co., Ltd. is based on Jiaxing City Investment Development Group Co., Ltd., strengthens cooperation with Hangzhou Haikoki System Technology Co., Ltd. in China, and joint venture. Jiaxing Haijing Jia’an Zhi City Technology Co.

Changsha City promotes the synergy of intelligent construction and construction industrialization, relying on key enterprises to create a national-level assembly demonstration base such as far-sized, Dongfanghong Construction, Three Groups and other national assembly demonstration bases, and 2020 model output value exceeds 100 billion yuan. "In the fields of municipal infrastructure and smart community transformation, the social fund participation model will explore social funds, play the leading role of state-owned enterprises in the new city construction, encouraging industry leading companies to drive small and medium-sized enterprises, especially technological innovation enterprises, participate in new construction in a variety of ways Wang Hongwei, director of Guangzhou Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau.

(Editor: Liu Peng).

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