[Evaluation Line] Zijin E review: Consolidate the industrial "cockpit stone", the "chassis" of China’s economy is more stable

[Evaluation Line] Zijin E review: Consolidate the industrial "cockpit stone", the "chassis" of China’s economy is more stable

  Affected by factors such as the short -term impact of the domestic epidemic and the more complicated and severe situation of the international situation, my country’s industrial economy was significantly pressured.

The National Bureau of Statistics released data on the 27th. In the first 4 months of this year, the profit of industrial enterprises above designated size increased by percentage year -on -year, and the growth rate fell 5 percentage points from the previous three months. To develop and expand the real economy, industry plays a "cockpit stone" role.

Last year, the value -added of industries above designated size increased by percentage, and contributed very obvious to the economy. Affected by the epidemic since this year, industrial growth has slowed down. Stabilizing the economic market is an important task at present. It is necessary to pay attention to the "barometer" of the industrial economy, and continuously consolidate the industrial "base" in policy blessings and plugging difficulties. For more than two years, my country has always put the revitalization industry in a particularly prominent position.

From expanding the consumption of industrial products, to the guarantee of the industrial chain supply chain, to helping the enterprise to relieve the difficulties … a package to boost the industrial economy’s policy "combined fist" and inject long -lasting kinetic energy into the industrial field. Continue to stabilize the industrial chassis, and the policy should better extend and penetrate the grassroots, condense a stronger economic forward force.

  Find the effort point from the change of data.

Data show that in the first four months, 20 industries in 41 industries have declined. Among them, the two indicators of general equipment manufacturing and automobile manufacturing have fallen obvious.

Affected by the epidemic, some areas have encountered a greater impact, and the passive situation is presented in a digital form, which causes enough attention. Stable industry has become the focus of the current economic field. While scientifically and effective anti -epidemic, the localities need to play subjective initiative, realize the real moves, and want to strengthen the assistance and support for weak links and shortcomings. Effective markets are more powerful for running. We must adhere to the "two legs" to walk, avoid "simplifying, cutting" of epidemic prevention, precise prevention and control, preventing the layer by layer, coordinating the fighting "epidemic" and the development of double -step chess, and effectively achieve the maximum at a minimum cost. Prevention and control effect.

  It is difficult to overcome confidence in the advance. It is necessary to see that my country’s economic development and epidemic prevention and control have maintained the world’s leading position. The long -term fundamental fundamentals of the industrial economy and the overall situation of restoring growth have not changed, and market entities have remained at a high level. From a long -term perspective, the impact of the epidemic on the economy is temporary, and the influence is limited. It cannot be "one -leaf" or losing confidence because of the fall of some fields. At the same time, the "toolbox" of the Party Central Committee and local policies is full of real moves, full of warmth and intimateness -implementation of combined tax discounts, improving the standards of stabilizing jobs, and promoting financing of small and medium and micro enterprises. The market body’s relay drops "timely rain".

Each area and various industries must maintain both confidence, but also to work on the industrial chain of the stable operation of the economy. In particular, we must ensure that key node companies on the "chain", promote resumption of work and re -production, ensure the smooth freight, strengthen talent support, etc. , Go all out to consolidate the "base" of the industry, and stabilize the industrial weight for the "chassis" of the economy.

  The scale of my country’s manufacturing industry has ranked first in the world for 12 consecutive years, and its industry categories are complete. This is our advantage. However, it should also be realized that there is still a certain gap between the comprehensive competitiveness of manufacturing in some field manufacturing and the world’s first -class level. The competition in science and technology needs to be continuous and long -lasting.

In this regard, we must not only promote the advantages, but also make up for the shortcomings and weaknesses, strengthen the policy tilt, improve the industrial economic security measures, expand the space of the industrial economic market, and use the "high additional additions" such as digitalization, intelligence, and "specialized new". The "value of value" opened a new pattern, fundamentally enhanced the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, and effectively promoted my country’s economy to run on the track of development and run the best results.


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