Beijing will build the "City of Science and Technology Museum" for popular science venues everywhere

Beijing will build the "City of Science and Technology Museum" for popular science venues everywhere

Original title: The scientific and technological atmosphere of popular science venues can be seen everywhere, and the reporter of the Beijing reporter Liu Suya Capital Capital’s Capital Science and Technology Resources and Research Talents converge, which provides a solid foundation for the scientific quality of the whole people. Recently, the implementation of the implementation of the scientific quality outline of the Beijing City announced that it will launch the construction of the "Science and Technology Museum" in the city. It is estimated that by 2025, it will build more than a hundred cutting -edge science and technology resource popularization demonstration projects, promote more than 1,000 venue bases to do it to do it. The excellent technology education experience and mobilization of more than 100,000 scientific and technological science popularization volunteers to participate in the "millions" goal of science popularization services. Let the "technology" tentacle and at the foot of Xishan are full of green. On April 18, based on the original Beijing Botanical Garden and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the national botanical garden was officially unveiled through capacity expansion and efficiency and organic integration. As a comprehensive institution that integrates scientific research, plant relocation protection, scientific communication, garden gardening display, etc., there are 2 national key laboratories, 5 provincial and ministerial laboratories, 5 national and ministerial laboratories, and national flowers There are 6 kinds of quality resource libraries. There are also Asia’s largest plant specimens, with 2.8 million collections. While tourists can read flowers, they can read the "Great Encyclopedia of Plants" and taste the scientific and technological taste between flowers and clusters. In the future, the science and technology museum will no longer be limited to a venue and a rough preaching. The city will launch a variety of main body to participate in the construction of the "City of Science and Technology Museum". Inadvertently, a building and a green shade may be hidden with a strong technological atmosphere. With the "weather bottle" that changes in the weather, the seeds that will fly up when the wind blows, and the keyboard robot can move … The exhibition hall and activity classroom of the Beijing Science Center are always a lively scene. This is an important base for Beijing popular science education. Nowadays, due to the impact of the epidemic, many activities have turned online, but the popularity has not decreased. Just five months this year, the online reception audience reached more than 73.74 million, of which more than half were teenagers.

Since the epidemic, the Capital Science Lecture Hall hosted by the Municipal Science and Technology Association has also been transferred to the line. It has never been absent every weekend. In 2021, there are more than 25 million audiences on 52 event online.

  Build the "Digital Science and Technology Museum" and create a scientific communication media platform, so that the public can "travel" science and technology museums at home. At the same time, with the blessing of network technology, virtual reality technology and multimedia technology, the public science popularization experience in the future will be freshest, more varied, and more intuitive. The Faculty of the Factory of the Factory Workshop is in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. A small "city of science and technology museums" is quite large. The first industrial -grade unmanned helicopter theme exhibition hall opened to the public, the country’s first renewable energy "carbon neutral" smart park, the world’s largest autonomous driving and vehicle road collaborative application test base … 2021, the Economic Development Zone The first batch of 50 enterprises, district museums and cultural tourism resources to carry out the construction of the "City of Science and Technology Museum". Factory and laboratory transformed into the exhibition hall. Popular science experience.

  Related enterprises combine their own scientific and technological achievements, and the form of exhibition continues to innovate. Beidou Satellite Navigation Application Museum has become off -campus classrooms. Children can feel the fun of crossing the planet by putting on VR glasses and sitting in 5D seats. Pulling the rod and glanced out of the porthole, the ground building became more and more small … Ruifeng simulated flight experience hall made children "long -term" addiction. The Yuekang Pharmaceutical Exhibition Hall moved the pharmaceutical production line to the audience. With the animation display, the pharmaceutical production process was clear at a glance. The city of construction of the science and technology museum is to let the public enter the science and technology park, science and technology enterprises, and scientific research institutes to understand the most cutting -edge scientific and technological innovation achievements. The Municipal Science and Technology Association stated that the city’s social science science pattern has been gradually established, guiding social organizations to carry out popular science work, and encouraged key laboratories, scientific research platforms, achievements exhibition venues, museums and production workshops to the society of scientific research institutions, colleges and universities and enterprises. open. In the next step, the city will also use conditional industrial heritage, idle resources, theme park construction science popularization bases to promote scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, science and technology companies and other popular science places to the public, and promote more than 1,000 venue bases to do excellent science and technology education Experience. After the "double reduction" policy of 100,000 people’s incarnation, the children’s spare time increased, and the demand for popular science knowledge became stronger. In recent years, the Municipal Science and Technology Association has supported many Beijing universities to establish grass -roots organizations in the science and technology associations, and more effectively use the connection mechanism of scientific and educational resources in primary and secondary schools in colleges and universities, and encourage college students to participate in science popularization practice activities.

  Since March 2021, the University of Science and Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences officially launched the "Spring Equalism Project" to drive the school’s 200 graduate science popular science volunteers into primary and secondary schools. Big friends bring their children to conduct scientific experiments and conduct scientific lectures.

For more than a year, 340 science popularization reports have been successfully held online and offline. Among them, more than 10,000 people and students participated in offline activities. Children are looking forward to interesting courses brought by the "little teacher".

  Tan Fangyu, a graduate student of the School of Artificial Intelligence of the College of Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a brain interface. Through the "Spring Equalization Project", he first stood up to the elementary school podium and spread the concept of this science fiction movie to the children. Yi, "Every time the children came around every get out of class, they asked the question with a mouthful, and their creativity was really strong.

"Popularization is a bridge connecting technology and the public.

At present, the Beijing Science and Technology Science and Technology Popular Science and Technology Volunteer Service Corps has developed 176 professional science and technology science popularization service teams. In the future, more and more scientific and technological workers will join the volunteer team. It is expected that by 2025, there will be more than 100,000 science and technology science popularization volunteers in the city, with the help of youth science and technology reserve talents, "Silver Age E Enjoy" Technology Hui Lao Popular science operations and other platforms set up bridges between science and technology workers and the public. (Responsible editor: Meng Zhu, Bao Congyue) Share let more people see it.

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