"Party history for hundreds of years reading" news propaganda should be elected (October)

"Party history for hundreds of years reading" news propaganda should be elected (October)

  On October 28, 1942, Mao Zedong was drafted by the Central Committee of the Central Committee to the Central Bureau and the parties.

The telegram pointed out that the incidents of propaganda have occurred in various localities in the last period of time.

Various central bureaus, the Central Branch conducted very little attention to the work of local news agencies and newspapers, and lacking guidance on promotional personnel and publicity work, not knowing the news agency and newspapers are the great role of the publicity organizers of revolutionary policies and revolutionary work. Many of the work that does not understand the leaders should be done by newspapers.

The telegram requires all localities to correct the habit of discussing news policies and editorial guidelines, and seize the leadership of the news agency and newspapers, making the publicity of the news agency and newspapers are fully compliant with the party’s policy, so that our publicity enhances party spirit, take the "Liberation Daily" The published on how to make newspapers to enhance the party’s sexuality to educate our publicity personnel, overcome the misunderstandings of the publicity. On October 4, 1944, Mao Zedong went to Qingliangshan Central Printing Factory to visit all staff and speaking. Speech said: The Central Committee of the Party has a leadership and instruction from all localities. In addition to some daily instructions, the government’s approach is through the "Liberation Daily" and Xinhua News Agency.

The Central Committee knows that there are many sources at home and abroad, and you are an important channel. Everyone should serve the people wholeheartedly, and put the "Liberation Daily" and Xinhua News Agency.

  Looking back on the 20th, on October 20, 1923, China’s Socialist Youth Central Organs Publications "China Youth" (Weekly) in Shanghai, served as the editor of the publication, Xiao Chu, Lin Yinnan, Ren Xi, Deng Zhongxia, Zhang Taizhen, Li Xi real .

I was forced to stop the issue in November 1927.

  Historical instant.

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