"New God List: Yang Yan" dubbing lineup is exposed to the fairy sound and crispy

"New God List: Yang Yan" dubbing lineup is exposed to the fairy sound and crispy

  The movie "New God List: Yang Yan" released a special video of the "Dubbing Team", the video dubbing guidance and voice actor Yang Tianxiang, the main voice actor Wang Kai, Li Lanling, Ji Guanlin, Li Lihong, Zhao Yi, Xingchao, etc. In addition to the dubbing of Wang Kai, the other characters "only heard their sounds and no one", and the expressive sound and distinctive lines were really curious.

The film will be released nationwide in July 2022, so stay tuned! In the special video of the "Dubbing Teacter" released by the film, Wang Kai, who has dubbed Ye Wen, who has dubbed Yang Ye, a single rain boy of "The Master of a Generation", "The Lord of the Painting Rivers and Lakes", and the radio drama "Ghost Blowing Lantern" Hu Bayi. Essence

Under the blessing of his gentle voice, it made Shen Yan Yang Yan a little more gentleman’s style. Many fans said that "the adaptation is full."

  Earlier, Yang Tianxiang, who has worked with Chase Light animation many times, is a voice -over for "White Snake: Origin" and "New God List: Rebirth of Nezha". Li Lanling, who voiced "Summer Friendship", was a well -known voice actor Ji Guanlin, a well -known voice actor in "Three Miles and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms", "Yi Tian Tu Long Ji" Zhao Min/Zhou Yiruo, " Li Lihong, the voices of the narration of China, and the well -known voice actors such as Zhao Yi and Xingchao, and the superior voice actors such as Zhao Yi and Xingchao have formed a super dubbing team. Their moving voice is enough to ignite the audience’s expectations.

  It is worth mentioning that in the special video of the "Dubbing Team", the image of the characters except Yang Yan appeared in the form of silhouette plus keywords: "independent and courageous, extraordinary skills", and the ribbon ring "mysterious and unpredictable" The beautiful goddess, the old man who is "hidden in mysterious", the "cynical" unruly walker, plus two roles on the head and two roles on their heads, make people even more curious. Who is the character? After the preview of the film was released, Yang Yan’s "Shen Yan" also caused a wide range of discussions among the audience. Some audiences said "highly thin and handsome Yang Yan, I love it", and the audience said, "Yang Yan is worthy of the" Three Realms’s First God ". The handsome dna moved ", and some viewers even said," I thought how handsome Yang Yan could be, and after seeing her face, I exclaimed, "Why don’t your husband come out and say". "

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